Subsidiary of Housing & Development Bank

Edara is delivering a World-Class Community Management Services

Edara is a pioneering facilities management and building maintenance company in Egypt that falls under our integrated community solution

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El Tameer e-Services app allows homeowners & tenants to manage their properties easily using the application supported on all smartphones.

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Our Affiliates

Hemaya for security & money transfer solutions

Offering security consultancy services, creating an effective, holistic solutions with best scenarios for our clients, delivering high quality and innovative technical services.

El Tameer for projects & public environmental services

We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers by offering innovative cleaning solutions that are sustainable, safe, efficient and dependable.

We are delivering a World-Class Community Management Services in Egypt

Our robust relationships with clients cemented through years of close collaborations. We are your strategic partner for smart, safe and sustainable built environments. Our sterling clientele is a testament of our professionalism, quality of services and depth of expertise in technical, regulatory and user requirements, across governmental, residential, education institutions, commercial and industrial projects

FM Advisory Services

Engaging at an early stage in the planning, design and construction of new developments ensures more efficient build processes and future-proof assets. We take a 360 degree look at the plan, design and engage building activities in order to point out and project the FM requirements of the asset throughout its lifecycle

Handover management

Our services ensure that the community being occupied is ready to be inhabited contains all its facilities and pre-requisites are in place and functioning well. Our experienced engineering teams implement methods that results in minimum defects when using the facility

Building & Community Operations

From core engineering services, such as the complex maintaining of heating and ventilation systems, to a range of soft services including cleaning and landscaping services, we assure our clients peace of mind as we run their community and building maintenance operations seamlessly throughout its life cycle

Our Clients

We are driven by a passion to deliver world-class community solutions. Edara is one of the leading providers of asset management services in Egypt where our services are the number one choice for residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use developments.